COVID 19 update: We have stopped doing aviation medicals until it is safe to resume.

CASA issued the following statement the week of 23rd March 2020:

‘If you are a pilot or an air traffic controller, you will be able to exercise the privileges of your licence for six months after the expiration of any medical certificate you hold. The conditions on your medical certificate will continue to apply. You do not need to do anything.’

A medical requires listening to your chest , heart, and the doctor checking your visual fields close-up. We are protecting each other. There is no way that this can be safely done without using full personal protective equipment – equipment that is required for the frontline fight against COVID 19.

New applicants will be somewhat anxious that they will be fit to get their first class 1 medical. Unless you have existing medical issues such as Diabetes then the great majority of applicants are fit for their first class 1 medical. You are welcome to discuss your issue via a private telehealth consultation if you wish. Give us a call and ask for a short telehealth consultation with Dr Richard Beatty.

Stay Safe, we are in this together. We will continue freeze our prices in 2020. They have not been increased for 3 years.


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The medical certificate validity for the different types of license is as follows:

  • Class 1 medical (Commercial Pilots) is valid for 1 year
  • Class 2 medical (standard): Over 40 years: 2 yearly, Under 40 years: 4 yearly
  • Class 3 medical (ATC) is valid for 1 year.

CASA requires tests for Class 1 & 3 medicals that are determined by age and may include hearing, ECG & Blood tests.


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