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aviation medical practiceAbout The Aviation Medical Practice

Dr Richard Beatty aims to provide an aviation medical practice to pilots & Controllers that is:

  • Efficient – You can plan your life with online booking
  • Comprehensive – Audio & ECG are on site
  • Enjoyable – We can chat about flying if there’s time!

He relocated the aviation medical centre from Manly West to Cleveland in 2018.

ppl DAMEGeneral Aviation Interests

Dr Richard Beatty is a Private Pilot & flies a Cessna 172 from Archerfield.

The PPL was first gained in 2009 in the UK &  subsequently converted to the Australian PPL following a full flight test in 2013.

He requires a class 2 medical every 2 years and therefore understands first-hand the anxiety that aviation medicals can cause. Thankfully, most issues can be resolved without any gaps in flying provided that the pilot and The DAME work together.

His motivation is to provide a prompt and professional service whilst enjoying a banter with fellow aviators.

aviation-medical-trainingAviation Medical Background

Dr Richard Beatty is an Australian Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME), ACCAM Qualified & a member of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine.

He has been a DAME for several years and also has a special interest in skin cancer & no scalpel Vasectomy.

website aviation medicineAbout The Website

The aims of the website are to inform the user about:

  • Barotrauma & Motion sickness in the aviation environment
  • Visual & Vestibular Illusions that may affect the pilot
  • Fatigue in Aviation
  • Common causes of Visual & Hearing Difficulties that may affect medical standards

The website’s intended audience are pilots & controllers who are interested in learning about medical issues in aviation.

The website does not accept or host any advertisement. There is no external funding source, and The site is 100% funded by Dr Richard Beatty. There is no commercial interest in the contents of the website, and no commercial link to any of the treatments mentioned.

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The information is authored and reviewed regularly by Dr Richard Beatty. Please note that medical information rapidly changes and therefore some information may be out of date.

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