Pre-appointment checklist!

  • Complete the CASA medical questionnaire on MRS prior to attending the appointment.
  • Bring Photo ID to all appointments eg. driving license
  • Bring along any recent test results you may have had (blood tests are valid for 3 months).
  • Bring along any corrective glasses or contact lenses – even if you have recently seen an optometrist.
  • Please remember also to bring your spare pair of glasses / contact lenses!

Our Prices

As a pilot Dr Richard Beatty understands that aviation medicals can be a hassle and tries to make the process as efficient as possible.

Our Prices are very competitive:

  • Class 1 & 3: $205 + GST
  • Class 2: $195 + GST

Audio $40 + GST

ECG $40 + GST

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Please remember to complete your Online CASA Medical Questionnaire prior to your appointment! Unlike Class 1 & 3 medicals, No standard age-related tests are required for class 2 medicals.