Class 1 Medical

Class 1 Medicals – both CPL & ATPL – are every 12 months.

After age 60, The ATPL Class 1 medical is every 6 months.

See FAQ for special tests.

How do I book a class 1 medical?

You will need to apply to CASA for a medical Certificate. This involves an online questionnaire. Pilots are usually surprised how detail this questionnaire is and I’ve heard it can take up to an hour to complete the first time.

How do I pay CASA the processing fee?

There have always been two separate fees involved in applying for a Class 1 medical. Prior to 2016, you would have paid CASA’s processing fee via an online payment (or paper based payment taken from The DAME). From 2016, the CASA processing fee for a class 1 medical is paid by you before the medical. This becomes self-evident when you complete the CASA application.