Private Pilot Medical

The Class 2 medical is for private pilots (non-commercial) – typically a PPL or RPL.


A Basic Class 2 is more restricted than a standard class 2, allowing you to to fly up to 5 passengers as follows:

  • Piston engines only
  • No aerobatics
  • Day visual flight rules
  • Altitudes up to 10,000 feet

The Basic Class 2 may be performed by a GP or DAME using the commercial driving standards.

Many GPs will charge a similar price we do for a standard class 2 medical. Your GP will not be familiar with the process. It will take several years for GPs to do their ‘first’ basic class 2. Expect perplexed looks!

If you do want just a ‘basic class 2’ then please complete the paperwork before your appointment.

Basic Class 2 Checklist:

  • Log onto CASA online medical registration system (MRS)
  • Confirm correct email and address
  • Apply for your medical certificate
  • Download and print medical questionnaire
  • Take CASA medical questionnaire to appointment
  • Complete required tests and medical examinations
  • Log back into MRS and finalise application
  • Pay CASA processing fee

You must bring your medical questionnaire to your basic class 2 appointment.


How often is the standard class 2 medical examination?

  • Age under 40 years: Every 4 years
  • Age 40 or more:  Every 2 years

Are any tests required for the class 2 medical?

On the whole, no special tests like ECG , audiogram or Blood Tests are required.

Standard Class 2 Checklist

  • Log onto CASA online medical registration system (MRS)
  • Apply for your medical certificate
  • Complete the online questionnaire in full
  • Submit the medical online and complete the CASA processing fee
  • See DAME who completes the application
page last edited 30/4/2019