Private Pilot Medical

The Class 2 medical is for private pilots (non-commercial) – typically a PPL or RPL.

How often is the class 2 medical examination?

  • Age under 40 years: Every 4 years
  • Age 40 or more:  Every 2 years

Are any tests required for the class 2 medical?

On the whole, no special tests like ECG , audiogram or Blood Tests are required.

You’ll just need the medical with your DAME.

How do I book a class 2 medical?

Before making an aviation medical appointment,  You will need to apply to CASA for a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) medical Certificate.

How do I pay the CASA processing fee?

There have always been two separate fees involved in applying for a CASA medical certificate – the one to CASA and the one to The DAME. CASA did require class 2 fees to be paid at the time of the medical, but have changed this back (from April 2018) to the ‘old system’ where you pay CASA directly.

page last edited 19/9/2018